Antigua vs. St Lucia Honeymoon: Where to Go

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The Caribbean islands have some of the most beautiful soft sandy beaches in the world. That said, they have more to offer than turquoise waves and sugary sands, so choosing between Antigua and St Lucia could be a challenge. 

You should go to St Lucia if you want a pristine paradise. The Gros and Petit Piton are its most recognizable landmarks. On the other hand, if you want an island with a dazzling history and amazing cuisine, you should go to Antigua. One of Antigua’s most captivating features is its 365 beaches. 

CategoryAntiguaSt Lucia
Cost of Stay: Weekly (USD)$3,947 (€3322)$2,368  (€1993)
TransportationTaxis, public buses, car rentals, ferries, boats, cruise shipsTaxis, public buses, car rentals, boats, ferries, cruise ships
Notable Attractions365 beaches, Sailing Week and Classic Yacht Regatta, Shirley HeightsGros Piton and Petit Piton volcanic peaks, Sugar Beach, Chassin rain forest, Jazz $ Arts Festival
WeatherTropical marine, with minimal temperature variations between seasons. Tropical storms between July and OctoberA wet and dry season. The December to February period is the coldest season
Food and DrinkItalian, West Indian, Chinese, French, and German dishesVegetables and fresh fruit jerk and curry style dishes.
Activities for KidsDevils’ Bridge, zip-lining, snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming with the stingraysZip line adventures, botanical gardens at Diamond Falls, and hiking the Pitons
Nature Attractions365 beachesPigeon Island Nature Reserve, sulfur springs, The Pitons

These Caribbean islands are a dream destination for many honeymooning couples. Swimming in clear warm ocean water on a remote island will melt away all the knots that grow on you because of wedding planning stress.

Choosing between the various islands could be a challenge. Apart from enjoying the breathtaking beaches at St Lucia, you can go hiking in the two mountains. The lengthy and strenuous hikes of the Pitons can take about half of a day to accomplish. The rewarding views from the top are, however, worth the hassle. 

Between the two peaks at sea level is the Sugar Beach, perfect for a relaxing sundowner after a tough day at the Pitons. Additionally, you can zip line at the Chassin rain forest region or simply hole yourselves up at a remote resort.

Some of St Lucia’s diehard fans include music-loving vacationers that pay the island regular visits to attend its Jazz $ Arts Festival. The 11-day festivities are one of the island’s most sought after events. You will find the fete on sites such as the Fond D’or Heritage Park, Castries waterfront, and the Pigeon Island National Landmark. 

Antigua has an energetic social scene and a wide variety of beaches. There are shallow, safe beaches perfect for children and deep ocean exploration sites for adventurous travelers.

Antigua is a sailing enthusiast haven. In April, numerous yachts from all corners of the globe converge around the island to participate in the Sailing Week and Classic Yacht Regatta. In their candy-colored coating and surrounding deep blue waters, the island’s colonial buildings are a welcome sight atop Shirley Heights.

Cost of Stay

As per traveler reviews, expect to spend about $2,368 (€1993) as a couple for a one-week stay in Saint Lucia. A week at Antigua will set you back $3,947 (€3322)

At St Lucia’s resorts, costs are all-inclusive. They will cater to your entertainment, hotel, and meal charges. All that you might need to pay for afterward are excursion charges.

Best Affordable Hotels

The best hotels in Antigua include the Curtain Bluff, Jumby Bay Island, and Hermitage Bay. Curtain Bluff on the island’s southern coast rates is $900 range, and the resort has an alluring resort setting and does not have many modern luxuries. It does not cater to the party crowd and is, therefore, a perfect hideaway for honeymooners.

Jumby Bay Island is a luxurious $2250 per night rate resort. Tucked away on the island’s northeast coast, it offers excellent service and vistas. 

Some of the best hotels in St Lucia are Jade Mountain, Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, and Ladera Resort. Viceroy Resort on Sugar Beach is perfect for honeymooners and has a $529 rate per night. It is clean, offers incredible cuisine, and offers superb service. The $1345 a night Jade Mountain resort offers the most amazing views of the Pitons. It has fantastic features, such as infinity pools and an incredibly romantic atmosphere.

Main Attractions

Some of St Lucia’s top attractions include the Pigeon Island Nature Reserve and its sulfur springs. The reserve close to the Gros Islet is home to the island’s oldest architecture, and it offers views of Martinique and encounters with nature.

The hot springs south of Soufriere are a major attraction. Carry along your swimsuit to enjoy their perpetual hot water pools. The Pitons offer loads of fun for the physically fit and have a summiting height of 2600 feet (792 meters) above sea level.

The party atmosphere at Shirley Heights on Antigua is a very popular attraction. There is local music to dance to and an excellent barbecue to enjoy while watching the sunsets. Antigua is a water sports island with superb scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. You can access the best dive sites by boat. 

Heritage Quay has duty-free shopping as long as you have your cruise ship identification or airline ticket at hand.

Activities for Kids

At St Lucia, there are zip line adventures through the island’s lush rainforest canopy. Children will also love to snorkel and spot colorful tropical fish. A trip to the botanical gardens at Diamond Falls and climbing the Pitons are excellent kiddie activities. 

Antigua’s 365-beach offers a lot of water-based activities for children. They can go snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming with the stingrays, and there are also zip lining spots and an adventure on Devils’ Bridge.

Food and Drink

St Lucia’s cuisine has lots of vegetables and fresh fruit. There is a wide variety of jerk and curry style dishes in most rum shacks and local restaurants. Roti and barbeque accompany most festivities on the island. 

On the other hand, Antigua has a wide range of cuisine styles ranging from Italian, West Indian, Chinese, and French and German dishes. There are spots, however, that have traditional Antiguan dishes on their menu.


Antigua is a tourism island and has many high-end resorts. Antigua’s climate is tropical marine and has minimal temperature variations between seasons. That said, there are higher chances of tropical storms between July and October. The peak visitor months in St Lucia are between January and April since it is the region’s dry season.


Crime rates are low in Antigua. That said, keep all your valuables in the hotel safe. The Caribbean heat can be tough, so have plenty of water and sunscreen at hand.

St Lucia is relatively safe. However, you need to observe common sense, and do not carry valuables around. The island’s roads are narrow, and the paths to the Pitons sharp and steep.


You can fly to St Lucia via the Hewanorra International Airport or the George FL Charles Airport. You can also take a cruise ship, as most tourists do. Some ferries facilitate travel between the islands, especially for visitors coming in from Guadeloupe and Martinique. 

The most common form of travel while at the islands is a taxi, but low-budget travelers use local bus travels. To move around Antigua, you will need to hire a private taxi. However, there are bus services for shoestring travel.


To get to St Lucia, you will only need a passport with a six-month validity period. If you have a return ticket, you will not need a tourist visa. US citizens need a valid passport to travel to Antigua. 

You might also need to show proof of accommodations and a return trip. Sometimes, officials may ask for proof of funds for your trip to the island.


The Eastern Caribbean islands have the best idyllic hideaways. Like the old French, English, and Spanish explorers sought treasure, couples come here to seek the sun’s warm rays and fabulous scenery. 

Visit Antigua if you want to honeymoon on some of the best beaches in the world. St Lucia is perfect for the couple that needs more than blue water and white beaches.


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